Mineral Based KEIM Potasium Sol-Silicate Paints

KEIM Silicate paints, patented by Adolf Wilhelm Keim in 1878, are based on the correct mixing of liquid potassium silicate (glass water), mineral fillers and inorganic color pigments.

Result: A product that is unique in terms of quality, protection and reflecting light. Today, original paints from the last century still remain.

General Properties of KEIM Potassium Sol-Silicate Paints;

  • It penetrates the applied surface and becomes part of that tissue. It does not form a separate layer on the surface.
  • It does not poured or swell.
  • It provides a completely matte mineral surface.
  • It is vapor permeable.
  • Its color does not fade. Color fastness: A1 class.
  • Thanks to its extremely low Sd (H20) value (<0.02m), it allows the surfaces to dry very quickly again.
  • Thanks to antistatic binders, greatly reduced contamination is observed. Surfaces remain clean.
  • Non-flammable (A2 Class).
  • It provides dusting feature to the surfaces.
  • It does not contain VOC.
  • It is a natural and ecological product group. Has DGNB certificate.